Award Winning Suncoat Vegan Hair Products

The Suncoat range of vegan hair products offers a unique and effective way to condition and style your hair without using animal or petro-chemical ingredients. Suncoat is an award winning Canadian company that specialises in natural products that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Suncoat offers an extensive range of hair products for all your needs, these include Mouse, Gel, Hair Serum and Hairspray. All products either have a natural fragrance or as is the case of the hairspray completely fragrance free. The hairspray is proving to be very popular with people who have, up until now, had no option but to use standard hairspray which is always heavily scented and harmful products. (Research has indicated a correlation to the use of standard hairspray with the incidence of male birth defects } The hair spray and other suncoat vegan hair products sit happily amongst our whole range of Natural, organic and vegan shampoos for dry hair and organic shampoo for greasy hair. Giving our customers a fantastic selection of environmentally friendly and beautiful hair products to suit everybody.

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