Does being Vegan mean you can live longer?

The “blue zones” are what some people refer to as the places in the world where a significant percentage of residents live to an older age than average. Loma Linda in California is one of these “blue zones”. When experts have analysed what people are doing in Loma Linda that allows them to enjoy such longevity, the discovered that a large section of the Loma Linda population were leading a vegan lifestyle. A vegan lifestyle, doesn’t mean not eating animal products, it also involves using vegan hair products such as Vegan shampoos and Vegan conditioners.

There are now wonderful vegan shampoos and vegan conditioners available in the UK. You won’t have to travel to Loma Linda or even more exotic places to enjoy the benefits of being completely vegan. Vegan shampoos and Vegan conditioners in the UK allow us to enjoy products that are free from cruelty to animals and free from the many pollutants that are found in most of the non-vegan shampoos and conditioners generally available on the market.

Who knows, if enough people convert to a truly vegan lifestyle, not just in what they eat, but in what they apply to their bodues generally, maybe more "blue zones" will be created.