Natural Shampoo for Greasy Hair

Looking for a natural shampoo for greasy hair?

Let the purifying and detoxifying benefits of Naturalmente's Rosemary and Lavendar Shampoo address your scalp and hair needs.

This organic shampoo for greasy hair combines Rosemary and Lavendar and other essential oils to encourage microcirculation and regrowth of the hair cuticle. It cleanses deep down to eliminate any impurities (atmospheric pollution, plastic residues of styling products) and address the over production of sebaceous glands which contribute to oily scalp and hair.

Use the Rosemary and Lavendar Shampoo at the onset of switching to the Naturalmente range. This clarifying shampoo will address product build whilst gently cleansing the scalp. Use once or twice and week. Alternate with another Naturalmente shampoo for every day use:

Orange Shampoo for Thinning Hair
Citrus Shampoo for dull, lifeless hair
Fennel and Geranium Shampoo for dry hair
Aloe and Sandalwood Shampoo for normal hair
Anti oxidant Shampoo for coloured hair

No synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, DEA, SLS or EDTA.

The bottle is made of maize and is 100% bio-degradeable and compostable.

Available in 50ml travel and 250ml retail sizes.