Protect Your Hair During Sun Exposure

Before exposing  your hair to intense sunlight,  apply a leave-in conditioner such as Naturalmente Camomile and Aloe Spray which contains 100% pure vegetable extracts and essential oils that actively locks in moisture to help protect your hair from heat damage, whilst  keeping  frizziness under control.

It does NOT contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, DEA, formaldehyde or SLS.

In this way you will help your hair to better withstand the stress caused by exposure to sunlight, chlorine or salt.

A rich conditioning mask is also a good idea. The Naturalmente Balsamic Mask untangles the hair and leaves it shiny and full of body without weighing it down. It contains 100% pure essential oils coming from organic farming, which nourishes and strengthens your hair before and after sun exposure. It does not contain alcohol, silicones, parabens, DEA, formaldehyde or SLS.

Some oils are known to hydrate your hair while creating a protective sun barrier.  Step into the kitchen and measure out a teaspoon of olive oil or try the award winning vegan Camellia Oil.  Apply to the ends as an intensive leave - in conditioner, or leave on overnight and wash off the next morning. Massage gently into the scalp too to address any dry scalp problems.

Some hairsprays contain UV-protection ingredients. Vitamins A, C and E all offer protection against free radicals that can harm your hair. Hairspray coats the hair cuticle, creating an additional protective layer of protection from the sun.  The award winning vegan Suncoat Natural Hair Spray is    free from fragrance, synthetic resins and alcohol and enriched with vitamin E. This spray will provide excellent hold, volume and versatile styling for all hair types.

One more tip

Sun, sea-salt or chlorine can weaken and dry your hair.
Just a little trick to avoid this stress: after a swim at the beach or in the pool, always make sure to rinse your hair with plenty of fresh water to remove most of the salt or chlorine residues.
In this way you will avoid brittle and dehydrated hair.