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Pearl Silk Powder

Genuine Silk Powder with flower buds and fine ground pearls -and nothing else

This unique product is made entirely from natural ingredients. It comes in several colours to match various occasions and skin tones.

Pearl Silk Powder's gentle colours and subtle natural fragrances are from real flower buds processed in a proprietary process, which preserves the buds's natural fragrances and colours.

The Sea pearl powder content in Pearl Silk Powder provides certain level of cover, while the real silk powder diffuses light, giving your skin a soft, sheer and unbelievably natural look.

Autumn Wheat, with Calendula + Pearl + Silk

Our latest addition to the Pearl Silk Powder range perfectly complements your active and sporty style. It imparts a radiant look with a healthy sunshine-like tone. Particularly suitable for mature skin. This is the tone created for summer as it imparts a sunkissed look.

When using Golden Silk Oil and Pearl Silk Powder as your daily make-up combination, you do not need to use chemical make-up removers and deep cleansers.

Pearl Silk powder is easy to wash away with warm water making it easy to maintain optimum sebum balance.

Natural Silk Powder
Pearl Powder
Flower Bud Powder

Autumn Wheat Tone

Ingredient Name


Conchiorin powder

(Pearl Powder)


Serica Powder

(Silk Powder)


Calendula Officinalis Powder




Genuine Pearl Powder Facts:
Totally natural, ground sea pearls contain 7 amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), Vitamin B and essential elements which are highly effective for the health of your skin.

Genuine Silk Powder Facts:
Contains 18 amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and hyrdrophilic radicals thereby helping your skin to retain moisture whilst it breathes.

Flower Bud Powder Facts:
Extracted from quality flower buds by a special low-temperature process that preserves the bud's natural properties. Flower bud powder provides a subtle aroma and gentle, natural colour.

Silk powder diffuses light giving your skin a soft, sheer and natural look.

No Talcum. No Titanium, Kaolin or other minerals.

Non comodegenic (won't block pores)

Not tested on animals.

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