Avoid Harsh Chemicals with PPD Free Hair Dye

The chemical compound p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) is used in 99% of all permanent hair colourants. It is illegal to use PPD in make-up, as it is a known irritant and can potentially cause allergies in around 1.5% of the population.

Finding a lasting hair dye that is free from alcohol, peroxide and ammonia is not easy, but the demand for these products is increasing as people become more aware of the risks associated with the use of chemicals in their hair products.

PPD free hair dye cannot guarantee to cover grey hair, but these vegetal colourants can provide sufficient colour in order to camouflage grey hair - how successfully will depend upon your hair type and percentage of grey hair.

The vegetal hair dye range lasts 6-8 washes and will enrich your natural colour, leaving your hair feeling bright and fresh with a rich, glossy colour. The hair dye range does not lighten hair, as it does not contain ammonia, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, but the colours provide a richness that can be attained again and again without the worry of using harmful chemicals.

PPD free hair dye can also be used in between permanent hair dyes, allowing you to refresh the colour tones of your hair every month or so. This is a natural and gentle way to boost your hair colour, keeping it looking healthy and vibrant at all times.

While no hair dye product can ever claim to be totally risk-free (as it is theoretically possible to be allergic to most ingredients), avoiding harsh chemicals will reduce the chance of having an undesired reaction. It is always advisable to perform a 48-hour patch test before using a new hair dye product.

With reduced risks of skin irritations and allergic reactions, PPD free hair dye offers a less aggressive solution to hair colourants while providing brilliantly vibrant and glossy shades that revive your hair colour and give long-lasting results.

Check out the entire PPD free hair dye range to find a colour that suits you. Choosing a colour that is as close to your natural hair colour, or permanently dyed hair colour, will produce the best results.

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