Care for Your Hair with PPD Free Hair Dye

Transforming your hair is a wonderful way of making you feel fresh, rejuvenated and ultra-confident. There are many ways to do it, but one of the most popular methods is through the use of hair dye to inject some new vibrant colour into your locks or to conceal those unwanted grey hairs that might be bringing you down. However, as we all know, dying your hair can come at a cost. Many hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that strip your hair of vitality and moisture, leaving it looking and feeling lacklustre, and they can even cause allergic reactions. In extreme circumstances, some women have even lost their lives after suffering a deadly reaction to their colourant. If you want to avoid any contact with such damaging ingredients in your dye, then make sure you purchase a PPD free hair dye.

But before we check out these safe alternatives, what is PPD?
PPD is a chemical required to provide optimum coverage of grey hairs and is used in most permanent and semi-permanent hair dye brands and shades. Unfortunately, this chemical has been known to trigger allergic reactions, and although a very small percentage of the population is affected, the number of reactions is rising and they are sometimes lethal.

PPD free hair dye lacks this chemical that can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions, so you can feel safe and relaxed about colouring your hair. While many major brands of permanent haircolour contain PPD or a similar chemical that has the same risk, you can find alternatives, such as the Vegetal range of temporary PPD free hair dye which comes in 13 shades and lasts for 6-8 washes. As well as lacking PPD, this hair colourant is also devoid of other harsh ingredients such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This means that while your hair is being coloured, it is also conditioned and enhanced.

Some of the colours available from the Vegetal PPD free hair dye range include black, chestnut, honey blonde and mahogany chestnut. Although it is a temporary hair colourant and is purposefully free of the chemical considered essential for covering greys, Vegetal dyes are healthy for your locks, and most women who have tried them have been happy with the amount of grey coverage these colours provide. If you want to sample the Vegetal range for yourself, check out our collection.