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Thank you Georgina for given us a truly lovely Herbatint testimonial. 

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If you want to colour your hair, Gentle Bodycare also stocks a range of the semi-permanent Vegetal hair dyes, which last 6-8 washes and are free from ammonia, PPDs and hydrogen peroxide, as well as Resorcinol. These hair dyes condition your hair while they colour and are available in 13 different colours.

Alternatively, for a more permanent solution, you could opt for Herbatint products. These come in 36 colours, including Golden Blonde, Ash Chestnut and Henna Red, and are also free from ammonia, parabens, fragrance and alcohol. They have been proven to be the least toxic chemical hair colourant and they gently condition your hair while colouring it for a healthier, natural feel. They also provide 100 per cent coverage of those unwanted grey hairs.

As you can see, with our wide range of vegan hair products, you can care for your hair without compromising your personal principles. View our range of products