Four Reasons to Switch to Vegan Shampoo

The term vegan means that the product which you are using does not in any way use or exploits animals in production. If you’re looking to switch to a vegan shampoo, you can be assured that the product which you buy will not contain any animal products, derivatives from animals, and will definitely not have been tested on animals in any way. These shampoos definitely do not skimp on quality, and contain a range of great organic ingredients to leave your hair feeling clean and shiny.

1. Shampoo Ingredients

Vegan shampoo tends to contain fewer ingredients than standard shampoo, and the ingredients that they do contain are completely organic and natural. This not only means that they’re great for your hair health and have virtually no chance of causing a bad reaction; they’re also great for your overall health as well.

2. Eco-Friendly

The vast majority of vegan shampoo is trade by companies who care about the environment, such as us at Gentle Body Care. This means that why you buy a vegan shampoo, it’ll most likely come in eco-friendly packaging, helping you to do your bit in caring for the environment and being kind to the planet.

3. Good for Hair Growth

Switching to a vegan or cruelty-free shampoo could mean that you get to achieve the lush hair growth that you’ve been hoping for. These shampoos are made from ingredients that nourish and stimulate hair follicles, leading to better and quicker new hair growth.

4. Healthy Hair

If your hair is looking limp and unhealthy these days, switching to a cruelty-free shampoo could bring about the hair transformation that you need without having to break the bank on expensive hair repair products and visits to the salon. Shampoos which are vegan are usually fortified with essential oils such as tea tree and jojoba oils that contain wonderful hair-repairing properties, allowing your hair to regain and retain moisture.

If you’re looking for a new shampoo brand to try, going for a shampoo which is vegan not only means that you’re helping to take a stand against animal testing and cruelty, but you’ll also see some great results for your hair! You won’t turn back, we’re sure of it.

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