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GOLDEN SILK OIL - 100% Camellia Oil- 30ml (V) - Free From Skins Matter Award Winner


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Golden Silk Oil - 30ml Vegan - Camellia sinensis seed oil extract and Tocopherol


  • A truly versatile moisturizing oil that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin leaving no greasy residue. Suitable for all skin types and in particular dry and combination skin conditions as the Golden Silk Oil acts to redress any sebum imbalance. 

  • Use it as a lip gloss. Apply Golden Silk Oil as a base before applying lipstick, to prevent synthetic dyes and other chemicals in the Lipstick penetrating into the lip tissue.

  • Use as a hand lotion, because Golden Silk Oil is a perfect hand protector.

  • Apply in the evening after cleansing the face. Golden Silk Oil will help the skin retain its moisture all night long, providing a feeling of fresh suppleness when waking up in the morning.

  • Golden Silk Oil can reduce fatigued-eye circles. Simply put a few drops of Golden Silk Oil onto a cosmetic-grade cotton ball and lightly press around the eyes. This will help reduce dark circles, remove eye bags and firm-up the skin.

  • To reduce skin stretch-marks after giving birth, apply Golden Silk Oil and gently massage the belly in a circular motion for about 15 minutes daily.

  • Because it is totally chemical-free, it is very suitable for use as a baby oil.
  • Apply to the hair as an intensive leave - in conditioner, or leave on overnight and wash off the next morning. Massage gently into the scalp too to address any dry scalp problems.
  • Use underneath your daily moisturiser as a serum. Apply a few drops to provide all day UV protection.

Other Information

Golden Silk Oil

Why Golden Silk Oil?

Extracted from GMO-free wild grown Camellias, Golden Silk Oil is the finest natural plant oil for human skin. It contains vitamins A, B, C and D, as well as beta-carotene, polyphenols and other anti-oxidizing substances. Ideal as a totally natural make-up base, particularly in combination with mineral powders, or as a baby oil.
Golden Silk Oil is able to replenish skin sebum. This in turn can firm the skin and go someway to create a flawless appearance.
Golden Silk Oil can repair damaged skin tissue and help recover the skin's natural suppleness.
Golden Silk Oil can be used by those suffering from dry skin conditions, Eczema and on bed sores, sunburn and wounds.
Golden Silk Oil is packaged in a handy pump action glass bottle. Only a few drops needed for whatever use.


Oil from wild Golden Camellia sinensis, Natural Vitamin E.

Nutritional Benefit

INGREDIENT                              Percentage

Golden Camellia                       99% (naturally comprised of essential and fatty acids Omega 3,6,7 and 9)

Vitamin E (Tocopherol)             Less than 1%

Vitamin A (Retinol)                     Less than 1%

Vitamin B (Thiamine Nitrate)   Less than 1%

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol Polypeptide) Less than 1%


I just had to write to you and let you know how much I love the Golden Silk Oil, you sent me. I actually have oily skin and I heard that oil is good for oily skin, but wasn’t so sure, but I have been using the Golden Silk Oil now for a week, and wow, my skin has never looked better!! I used to get awful breakouts every day. They were so sore and red and irritating, well since using the GSO day and night for the past week, my skin is amazing. Even my husband commented on it and well you know men, they usually don’t notice things like that. I thought I would never find a product to help my skin. It always got me so, so down, as I felt so self-conscious and now no makeup or anything, just clear skin. You would not believe how much money I have spent in the last couple of years on skin care products trying to find something, I mean thousands, not hundreds!! And now this product at such a modest price and it’s transformed me. My confidence has rocketed and it’s just so lovely to have one less thing to worry about. I just have to say a big big thankyou and I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing when needed!!!

Joanne Stewart, Co Fermanagh.

I am so glad I discovered Golden Silk Oil.  After using it for one month my daughter asked me where my wrinkles had gone.  "Where were my wrinkles?" I asked and she said EVERYWHERE! I then decided to try Dark Silk shampoo and am delighted that I now lose very few hairs compared to my previous shampoos.  I always use a drain saver in the shower so can see just how few hairs are lost with each wash.  I do cheat and use a little conditioner as my hair is extremely dry and I live by the sea.

Billy Brine, a very satisfied customer.

Hailed as 'Miracle Product' by BeautyCult Blog, January 2011

Award Winning - Commended by the Skins Matter Free From Skin Care Awards 2012

Rated Best Winter Skin Saver by Red

No.1 Anti-ageing product  by OK! Magazine*

Pure Beauty Award Winner 2010 - best new natural skincare launch - Bronze award.


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