Herbatint hair colour selection

It can be particularly tricky choosing a hair colour online as the colours viewed on a screen are not 100% accurate to the actual colour result.

That said we have all Herbatint tones listed here for your consideration.

Choosing a colour isn't tricky BUT it is imperative you ask yourself the following questions before you choose:

1 What is my natural hair tone?
Try and compare your own shade (eg mousey brown) to that on the Natural range (otherwise known as base shades) of colours in the Herabtint range (e.g mousey brown is 6N Dark Blonde).

2 Do I want to lighten my hair tone? Darken my hair tone? Enhance my natural hair tone? Or cover my grey and restore my natural hair tone?

If you want to lighten consider that Herbatint only has 3% peroxide so choose a colour ONE or TWO shades lighter than your own. Herbatint cannot radically lift hair.
So for example if you are naturally a 6N tone you can consider the colours with a 7 or 8 in them.

If you want to darken your hair simply choose a colour ONE or TWO shades darker than your natural tone.
So for example if you are naturally a 6N tone you can consider the colours with a 4 or 5 in them. Going any darker my not necessarily enhance your looks.

If you want to simply enhance your natural tone then choose a shade such as Gold, Copper or Mahogany that is a similar tone to your own.
So if you are naturally 6N Dark Blonde use a 6D Dark Golden Blonde tone or 7M Mahogany Blonde tone to enhance with the Gold or Mahogany of your choice

If you want to cover grey you can choose from an array of choices:

  • Pick a Natural (N) colour to use by itself that is closest to your own natural (pre-grey) hair. A 6N shade for example will return you to a Dark Blonde shade.
  • Pick a Mahogany shade if you want some cool blue mahogany tones. If you were once a 6N Shade then choose 6N or 7N and mix with 7M Mahogany Blonde to give you a Mahogany Blonde shade.
  • Pick a Flash Fashion Shade. The Flash Fashion range are radical vibrant tones. Use by themselves OR mix with the following Natural (N) colours if you wish to cover grey:
  • FF1Henna Red, FF2 Crimson Red, FF4 Violet, FF5 Sand Blonde or FF6 Orange with 7N Blonde to get desired shade.
  • FF3 Plum with 5N Light Chestnut to get desired shade.
  • You can even go a shade lighter if you are grey as this is often more complimentary. 
  • Again if you are a 6N tone (pre-grey) choose a tone such as 7N or 8N to cover. Mix with other tones (such as Gold etc) if required.

Remember covering grey does require a bit of extra effort. It can be stubborn and resistant to colour and as red pigments take most easily to it you are often left with an overtly red glow.

Choosing the right base and mixing if need be will get you the colour you want.

3 When you have made your colour selection then what?

SKIN TEST! The most important step after colour selection. ALWAY SKIN TEST PRIOR TO EVERY USE.
This will allow you to monitor your sensitivity to ALL the product ingredients. ANYTHING put on your skin or scalp whether man made or natural in source can give rise to a sensitivity or allergic reaction.
Follow the 48 hour skin test directive given in all Herbatint application instructions.
PPds in all permanent hair colours are a known allergen and may give rise to an allergic response at any time.
Take the responsibility to do the best for your health and well being and be colour safe.
You have already chosen the least toxic hair colourant on the market by choosing Herbatint.
Alternately try the VEGETAL range is a PPd free range of temporary colours that you can try to enhance your hair colour.
Still not sure? Then call the Herbatint FREEPHONE Helpline 0800 594 7706 - UK ONLY.
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