Environmentally friendly and Cruelty-Free Vegan Shampoo

When it comes to our hair, we want it clean, fresh-smelling and glistening with vitality. You can now have all these things and protect animals and the environment too with a vegan shampoo range.

Free from any animal-tested ingredients, this organic hair product is not only kind and gentle to your scalp and hair but it is kind to animals too. With all the advances in the biochemical sphere, there is no need to use a shampoo full of chemicals in order to clean your hair and leave it feeling healthy and glossy. The vegan hair care range can provide that for you without using any harsh chemicals. 

Normal shampoos use chemicals and animal ingredients. This is because they are cheap, not because they are the only products that can do the job. Opting for a vegan-friendly shampoo is making a stand against animal cruelty. Many animal derivatives used in shampoos can also be derived from plant sources. A chemical can usually be derived from either a plant or animal source. Be certain to check the ingredients on the label and a company's pledge to ensure you are buying a truly vegan shampoo. 

Many normal shampoos still depend on animal testing. This disgraceful state of affairs is nonsensical, seeing as how cosmetic companies have already had over 50 years of documenting the safety properties of most common ingredients. Shampoo is mainly made up of water, colour, detergent and fragrance, so this relatively simple recipe should not still have to involve tests carried out on animals to determine the safety of ingredients. 

Fortunately, vegan shampoo is not tested on animals, and by choosing a vegan product to clean your hair with, you are standing up to the cosmetic companies that continue to test on animals. By supporting ethical brands and boosting their sales, the greater the chance is of persuading other companies to stop the testing of their products on defenceless animals. 

The healthy, humane and ethical choice of washing your hair with vegan shampoo is a simple one. Not only do you stand less risk of an allergic reaction to a harsh chemical, but you are protecting the environment and animals too. We have a superb selection of vegan shampoos for you to sample. Chosen especially for their gentle, organic and fresh-smelling properties, our vegan hair care range is fantastic for the hair, the scalp and the ethically minded.